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African Gospel Awards

African Gospel Awards

African Gospel Awards celebrates and highlights Christian institutions, especially faith-based humanitarian work and community give-backs. Our primary objective is to build unity amongst fellow believers, while winning new people to the family of God’s people.  African Gospel Awards is a part of a series of gospel celebrations that was originally launched in 2011 with inspirations from our other initiatives such as the Gospel Pages, Gospel Digest, World Evangelism Day, JesusWin and Wisdom Magazine.

World Evangelism Day

World Evangelism Day and JesusWeen Christian gift giving festival  are both soul winning outreach events to reach the unsaved with the gospels of our lord and saviour, Jesus Christ. This salvation focused initiative has a potential of being one of the most effective Christian outreaches. It’s a time for all Christians to win for Jesus by encouraging people to leave darkness and ungodly ways for light and grace through Christ.

The Diversity Advancement Network is a global initiative that celebrates, unite and empower all people for the good of society. At DAN, we create unique philanthropic opportunities to celebrate success stories while providing solutions to common issues in marginalized communities. African Gospel Awards is affiliated with DAN.

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