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We are here to celebrate those who have committed their time and resources to make our world a better place. It’s also important to know our history while highlighting amazing charitable projects the Christian community has done, as we continue to contribute to our communities and the fabric of society. Christ is love, and this ultimate love is all about giving and sharing the gospels. We will ensure the outcomes of these gospel institutions and individual achievements will continue to inspire us all for generations to come.

Paul Ade


African gospel awards


Paul previously pioneered 4 churches and 2 college campus fellowships in Canada. He has also positively influenced his peers in church and ministry related responsibilities.


Paul has successfully led fellow believers and like-minds in executing their God-given ministry projects. Such leadership require vision, focus and foresight.


Paul has participated and continue to support several give-back and scholarship initiatives in Africa, the Caribbean, and Canada. This is part of our Gods given mandate of giving to the needy


Paul has contributed to several communities through civic engagements, skills acquisition and empowerment programs in the US, Canada, Europe Africa and the Caribbean


Paul has previously published both the Wisdom magazine and Gospel pages. He has also interviewed Cece Winins, Nicole C. Mullen, and several other people of faith.


Paul was led to start a movement that provides an alternative opportunity to spread the gospel through the JesusWeen and the World Evangelism Day.

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African Gospel Awards

African Gospel Awards

African Gospel Awards celebrates and highlights Christian institutions, especially faith-based humanitarian work and community give-backs. African Gospel Awards is a part of a series of awards that was originally launched in 2011 with inspirations from our other initiatives such as the Gospel Pages, Gospel Digest, JesusWin and Wisdom Magazine.

Diversity Advancement Network

The Diversity Advancement Network is a global initiative that celebrates, unite and empower all people for the good of society. At DAN, we create unique philanthropic opportunities to celebrate success stories while providing solutions to common issues in marginalized communities. African Gospel Awards is affiliated with DAN.


Paul Ade previously pioneered 4 churches and 2 campus fellowships. He has also positively influenced his peers.


Paul Ade has successfully led like-minds in executing several projects. Such leadership require vision and foresight.


Paul Ade has participated and continue to support several give-back initiatives in Canada and worldwide.


Paul Ade has contributed to several communities, through civic engagements, and several empowerment programs.

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